Lewis Hamilton’s Pole Lap | 2018 Belgian Grand Prix

Onboard with Lewis Hamilton as the Mercedes driver claimed a record 5th pole at Spa…

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Lewis Hamilton’s Pole Lap | 2018 Belgian Grand Prix: 32 комментария

  • 26.08.2018 в 12:48

    As a Ferrari fan and supporter of both its drivers, i must admit Lewis really nailed it, in particular in the last sector, where he was really smart when he decided to take a different line in the exit of the last corner; i also think Mercedes is really good in these wet tricky conditions becouse It makes the tires work better when it's cold,regardless It was running on an higher downforce set up.
    Well deserved for Lewis, you are the best when It rains, even if i think he would have done well on dry too.
    I'm really Sorry for Kimi, he could have gone at least P3 if Ferrari didn't mistake with strategies once again as Always happens when It matters.
    I think he Can be competitive today.
    Seb's lap was good too,but as i said before, Hamilton is better on wet while i think on dry they're Pretty much the same
    sometimes he's a Little better, sometimes Hamilton is. If It doesn't Rain we could see an interesting race.
    I'm quite disappointed by Red Bull while racing point Force India made a really good job by spotting the second row.

  • 26.08.2018 в 13:15

    Spa is that much selective that you have 6 pairs of teammates who are one after the other. Without the 1 engine for 100000 races so called rule, without the rain, maybe it would have been 10 pairs of teammates !
    The circuit has been fully screwed-up and it has coast money to screw it up !
    This is a huge airport tarmac in the Ardennes!
    The only difference with others tarmac is that this one is not flat and is in the Ardennes forest !

  • 26.08.2018 в 14:07

    Ferrari knew that they'd be no match for Hamilton. They had to make sure Vettel got 2nd place on the grid by fucking up Kimi's session.

  • 26.08.2018 в 14:50

    Imagine Raikkonen doing the fastest lap of the track beating that useless Porsche 919 evo record and then they put Lewis' Q3 lap on the channel. Amazing.
    At least put both laps.

  • 26.08.2018 в 15:28

    Hamilton really is the modern rainmaster and next best qualifier behind only Senna when it comes to these final second pole snatching laps. Also wow, well done Force Indias!

  • 26.08.2018 в 15:30

    as a semi truck driver were not allowed to use engine brake when the road is wet lol hami is killin it

  • 26.08.2018 в 18:27



  • 26.08.2018 в 19:49

    Hamilton can go ahead and take all the pole qualifying positions but Vettel will take all the race wins into the championship 🤔

  • 27.08.2018 в 00:55

    ok okay OKAY. i hate to be a fanboy here so let's just bring this down to a human level: skip to about 1:30 mins in. THEN imagine you're driving. the road's wet af. drenched. you're going FLAT OUT. now … imagine taking the corner THIS CRAZY FUCKER TAKES at 1:40. play it back two or three times. and just imagine. that. you're. driving … i feel sick just watching this. Hamilton. He may not of won today but christ on a meth binge this was a stunning qualifying lap under pressure; one for the ages.

    it's also one of THE ballsiest things i've ever seen, and i was in 'NAM 😎


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