Ridiculous EXPENSIVE Things Floyd Mayweather Owns

At 40 years old, Floyd Mayweather remains one of the most successful and well known boxers of all time—and he’s still in the game. If you’re one of the top athletes in your sport, you get paid the big money. And Mayweather makes sure you remember that.

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8. A Mansion In Miami
So it seems a mansion and Penthouse in Las Vegas isn’t enough for one singular person to own. That’s fine, or at least, that’s fine for Mayweather, as he also has a Mansion in Miami that he calls his own. Mayweather dropped $7.7 million in cash on this little 5,200 sq ft modern pool property that would be extravagant for most of us, but is only the fraction of the size of his house in Las Vegas, so there’s that to keep in mind. And we’d like to reiterate, he paid in cash for this 5 bedroom house which is located on La Gorce Island on Miami Beach.

7. Shoe Closet
No celebrity’s endless walk in closet is complete without a huge shoe collection. These shelves of sneakers are just a little part of Mayweather’s whole shoe collection and is a photo that he posted himself on his instagram, because if there’s anyone more willing to show off his belongings, it’s the man himself. According to Mayweather, only 80 pairs of shoes could fit into the picture, which leaves a lot to the imagination when someone says “only 80 pairs of shoes.” And it seems he also has a thing for Louboutins since that’s what all of these are.

6. Mercedes Party Bus
Also referred to as a Land Yacht, aside from one of the most expensive cars ever, and 2 private jets, another mode of transportation Floyd Mayweather bought for himself is a Mercedes Party Bus whose interior is akin to the environment you’d find in a metropolitan nightclub. This customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cost the professional boxer $300,000 which is chump change at this point. It not only comes with a 55 in TV that features Direct TV and Apple TV, there’s also lots of seating room, a bar, heated massage chairs, and a surround sound stereo. It seems no matter he goes, it has to be in style.

5. More Cars
Now that we’ve covered that Trevita, planes, and a bus, let’s go a little more into depth with the rest of his transportation collection, that being his horde of cars he keeps in that private garage. In an interview with ESPN, Mayweather stated that the cars he owns come out to about $15 million. It’s said that he’s owned hundreds of cars throughout the years and that a portion of those cars were 16 Rolls-Royces. And how does he pay for all these luxury cars? If you haven’t learned by now, then remember that Floyd Mayweather loves to pay in cash—cash that often comes in the protection of a designer duffle bag.

4. An Engagement Ring
Okay, we’ll give him this one. If you had the money, it makes sense you would want to give your fiance one extravagant ring. Now split from Mayweather, on again off again partner Shantel Jackson was once presented with the $10 million engagement ring you see sitting on her finger. Jackson and Mayweather split not long after, and Mayweather was not holding back as to the reasons why, which he discussed on his social media pages. The terms of their split are pretty dark and messy, though no one is sure whether or not Jackson got to keep the ring.

3. Tickets To His Own Fight
This sounds way ridiculous at first since, well, why would a boxer need to buy tickets to his own fight? It’s easily explained, however, that Floyd Mayweather bought the tickets to give out to friends and family, a cost that totalled to $605,000. The match was against Canelo Alvarez which took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. All that money came out to equal 300 tickets. All that seemed worth it, too, since he ended up beating Canelo that match.

2. That $6.4 Million Watch Collection
We know that Mayweather is a man who loves jewelry. Okay, he loves anything expensive, but you’ve got to admit the man has an eye for not just cars but accessories. And that includes a collection of 8 Rolex watches, 8 Audermars Piguet watches, 1 Rainbow Tourbillion, 1 Piaget Galaxy, 3 Franck Muller watches, 2 Aximums, and 1 Hublot Big Bang King—all of which total to around $6.4 million. How do we know exactly how many of each watch he has and how much it all costs? Well he tweets it all out, of course.

1. Custom iPod
First of all, who even owns an iPod anymore that they didn’t buy from at least the past decade? Floyd Mayweather, that’s who. He posted a photo on instagram of his custom-made diamond encrusted iPod. In the background, you can see that the Apple earphones are wrapped around a wad of $100 bills, which Mayweather posted with the caption “money is music to my ears.” It’s said to have a value of $50,000 and comes attached to a chain that has a gold plated, diamond encrusted pendant that reads “Mayweather.”

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  • 30.08.2017 в 02:48

    the bigger the pussy the more bling they have. This is what happens when you run and hide from all the really fighters until they are over the hill and aren't a threat. Pretty sad an MMA fighter goes the distance with you while you wait for the guy to tire.

  • 30.08.2017 в 15:45

    Sad thing is he thinks he deserves all that money. There's many poor people in the world who work 100 times harder than him and will till the day they die, while he will retire a fat loser relishing in his accomplishments that are truely worthless to man kind and only beneficial to himself and his children and no one else. Only by the grace of god will one day his fortune make it back to society and into a hungry mans stomach.

  • 30.08.2017 в 17:56

    to all u haters and racist pigs let that man enjoy what he's worked for! yall just mad. because he is young black and extremely wealthy! yall make me sick! instead of hating on floyd b happy 4 him! he's 50-0, the best fighter in the world! id get what i want 2!

  • 30.08.2017 в 20:53

    So now that mcgregor got his ass beat and 100million let's see how he flashes his money since the world hate to see a black man that came from the ghetto be successful go talk that to connor mccrgreger who does the same shit and ppl praise his punk ass

  • 30.08.2017 в 23:23

    Nun but haters in this bitch the man put his life on line because he never had shit so he spend his how the fuck he wants with his money y'all losers just jealous of the man if y'all talking about he should feed someone else instead y'all ain't saying shit cause he doesn't owe nobody shit go fucking too bitches lol

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  • 31.08.2017 в 18:34

    This boxer is a man that has a talent for fighting & raising money up as a god..we live for money now & this man is a symbol of success if you put money up as a god in your life….we must remember how people treat each other & lie & steal they kill they will do anything for money now & it's a nice thing to have but we worship it & those who have it…money doesn't make people content it is like a drug they just get it & chase more & more but never stop & realise life is short & it's not a money worshiping exercise.work hard play hard & accept what you have with controlled ambition & keep your humanity & smile your alive…the worst people I know are all rich people & the people that worship money.


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